Stronghold Meeting - 30-Jan-2016

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Competition Season Meeting

Meeting Date Meeting Time Location Attendees
TCHS Brandywine

CAD & Design

We continued work on the chassis, re-configuring final dimensions and adding lightening holes to the frame. In addition, we finalized some pieces for the drive train so the mechanical team could finish building the final assembly.


Bored the bearing holes on the track side plates. Before final pass, bore measured 1.117 with lo-budget calipers, bearing measured 1.123 +-.0005" We were aiming for 1.120, taking .003" indicated on the boring head dial with the final cut. Holes came out nearly the size of the bearing, maybe .0005" undersized. Final cut appears to have been .006"? Need to test the dial on the boring head, we assumed the dial indicated diameter, it appears to indicate radius. Also check the dial indicates .001" or .0005" Other note: Measured bearing with micrometer, reading was 1.125 +-0.0005".


- Today we worked on getting GRIP to run on the raspberry pi

- We connected the raspberry pi to the roborio and router.
- Then, we set the publish address to the roborio, so it would publish to the network tables.
- After getting that to work, we also made grip run on startup
- Testing the vision program on the raspberry pi, there was no noticeable change in the processing algorithm

Scouting Team

Today, the Scouting Team finished implementing the Drag and Drop feature for defining the position of obstacles.

1-30-16 Screenshot 1.png


Field Elements


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