DEWBOT IX Battle-O'-Baltimore

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Winning alliance
Together with first alliance captain 225 (TechFire, York PA), 2519 (TIGER PRIDE, Washington DC) and 339 (Kilroy, Commonwealth Governor's School, Fredrickburg, VA), we won the 2013 Battle O' Baltimore!

Many thanks to 225 for selecting us. Man, we worked well together!

The event was held on 21-September-2013 at The Boys' Latin School of Maryland and hosted by the FIRST Baltimore Area Alliance. This was a great, well organized event. Plus, really good food at the concession!

Event-specific rules assured that everyone who came played in the eliminations. Alliance selection was normal (but there were no picks from within the top 8 seeds - not uncommon for off-season events), but teams not selected were randomly assigned to alliances (339 in our case) and had to be played (albeit three teams at a time; 3rd and 4th alliance partners alternating). This arrangement worked out well and the 4th alliance partners played very well.

Our Fedoras are off to the event Finalists, the 3rd alliance: 316, 4575, pre-rookie 20140016 & 4464. You were awesome!

Also, special recognition for DJ, Patrick D. and Andrew Weissman, who spent most of the event assisting team 4099. First, they got their robot to work. Later, they aided this short-handed team as Coaches and Human Player.


Drive Team

  • Kira - Driver
  • Patrick C - Operator
  • Yahya - Human Player
  • Siri Maley - Coach & Mentor


  • Molly - Pit Captain
  • Brad - electrical
  • DJ - electrical & programming
  • Patrick D - programming (loaned to 4099 as human player)
  • Andrew Weissman (loaned to 4099)
  • Clem McKown - Pit mentor

Everyone Else

  • Faith McKown - Mentor
  • Ben Kellom - Mentor
  • Christopher Drago - Parent

Battle O' Baltimore Photo Gallery