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Hatboro-Horsham Semifinal 2-2

Standings & Statistics

Robot's perspective of qualifying match 58

Official Position

Rank: 14 of 37 (65th percentile)
Qualifying Match Record: 7-5-0 (top 11-0-1, avg 6-6, stdev 2.3)
Elimination Match Record: 3-3 - Semifinalists
Qualifying Score: 14 (top 23, average 12, stdev 4.6)


Offensive Power Rating (average offensive contribution per qualification match): 30.8 pts, ranked 6th (top 52.4, avg 18.5, stdev 12.5)

Autonomous OPR: 6.6 pts, ranked 17th (top 16.1, avg 6.3, stdev 5.3)
Teleop OPR: 24.7 pts, ranked 2nd (top 27.8, avg 7.3, stdev 6.9)
Total Disc OPR: 31.2, ranked 3rd (top 44.0, avg 13.6, stdev 10.8)
Climbing OPR: -0.5 pts (top 17.6, avg 4.9, stdev 4.9)

Contribution to Winning Margin: 10.1, ranked 10th (top 33.6, median -1.5, stdev 14.2)

Average Qual Winning Margin: 8.4 (our median 13.5)

World Ranking (Week 1)

OPR Rank: 43 of 353 (88th percentile)

Teleop OPR Rank: 8 of 353 (98th percentile)

CCWM Rank: 89 of 353 (75th percentile)
Of the 840 total teams that have played through Week 2, we are still in the 88th and 75th percentile, respectively, as 99th in OPR and 210th in CCWM. We're in the 97th percentile teleop OPR at 26th. An impressive feat!

Field Depth

  • One quarter of the 37 teams in attendance won a blue banner last year, many of them more than 1.
  • Of the 8 events in Week 1, Horsham tied with BAE for the highest average OPR (18.5)
  • With 37 of the 353 teams that played this week:
Two made the top 10 autonomous OPR list: 2590 and 3974
One made the top 10 climbing OPR list: 1168
Two made the top 10 teleop OPR list: 2590 and Us!

MAR Points

HH 2013 matchresults.jpg
Total Points after 1st event: 33
WLT Points (2/win, 1/tie): 14 (7-5-0 record)
Draft Points: 6 (2nd pick of 6th alliance)
Elimination Points: 8 (semifinalist 2nd pick)
Awards Points: 5 (Creativity Award)

Rank: 10th (75th percentile)

Current Spread: 74 (by 2590) to 4
Median: 23 (average 25, stdev 17)

2012 Cutoffs:

Initial MAR Invitation: 45
Lowest Final Attendance: 33 (8 more teams, 1 of 2 at that rank)
Worlds Invitations by Points: 285 to 226 (144 and 118 District Points, 73 and 71 at first event)
Worlds Invitations with Skips: 285 to 183 (144 and 84 District Points, 73 and 40 at first event)


Points Available: 4,635 District Points
MAR Championship: Strong with similar or better Chestnut Hill performance
World Championship: Possible by points, likely needs high seeding and finalist or better at Chestnut Hill + top MAR performance

Match Results

Qualification Matches

Match 2: A good 63-48 win with our 1807 and eventual alliance captains 486, against 2607, 1923 and 103. No team was quite on their game yet, but we took the opportunity of a technical foul committed by the other alliance to examine full court shooting, both to score and to feed our floor pickup partners. Autonomous didn't work, but we sunk 2 of the preloads at the start of teleop, hit 1 2pt shot from the feeder station, and hit 1 3pt from the pyramid at the end, in addition to feeding downfield most of the other 33 points in discs our alliance scored. In all though, we're not a full court shooter yet, and we'll stick to pyramid runs for this competition. Good to know!
Match 13: A 46-9 blowout with 1923 and our eventual partners 272, against 1791, 4342 and 304. Autonomous gets 2 of 3, and we sink all 3 of our teleop discs before 1 flips over. (We'll be feeding just 3 until that's fixed.) Luckily, that alone is enough to beat the opposing score, and our partners make it a true blowout, adding another 15 plus a 10-point climb. This gives us the luxury of spending the rest of the match trying to climb, which unfortunately we don't manage. Good practice, though!
Match 17: Another 84-8 blowout with 222 and 1495 against 834, 1143 and 896. Our alliance manages 18 points in autonomous and 56 in teleop, plus the only 10-point hang. We score 6 of the 18 autonomous points and 24 of the 56 teleop, contributing 43% of the disc score and 38% of the alliance total.
Match 22: A strong 67-40 win with 4342 and our friends 365, against 2539, 222 and 2559. Our alliance makes to 36 points in autonomous alone! Not our shining moment though, as we only get 1 disc in autonomous (6 points) and flip our 3rd disc to load, making only 1 of 2 teleop shot. 9 points of the 67, and we spend the rest climbing to no avail. Our bad. Thanks MOE and 4342!
Match 25: Our first loss, a devastating 55-54 miss with 834 and our co-champions at Horsham last year, 1218. The 708, 87 and the impeccable 2590 made an impressive slip past us with some rough defensive calls. We make all out autonomous shots but have a lot of trouble in teleop--it looks like the shooter motor is watchdoging out.
Match 34: A painful 40-95 thrawting by 3974, 1168 and 1403 against us, 3151 and our MAR co-champions and reigning world champs, 25.
Match 39: An all-too-familiar 90-45 loss with 4460 and 2234 against 1807, 4342 and 25's twin, 103. We played well (at least for the match number it was), but they played better. Autonomous is still missing (watchdogs?) and we'll be practicing aiming a lot!
Match 48: A 78-63 loss with hosts 708 and our co-Horsham & MAR champions last year, 341. 816, 2729 and 1168 beat us here, though we went on to beat 2729 in the quarterfinals and lose to 816 in the semis. We actually had to replay this match at the end due to communication problems, but still couldn't come out on top. We made the only high-goal autonomous shots (2), but only made 1 teleop shot before getting an upside-down disk and falling back on defense. We kept the score close, but not close enough.
Match 53: We've got to give up this losing streak! 1807 and our friends 1218 and 357 beat 304, our perennial pit-mates 1647 and ourselves in a solid 81-51. We made 9 shots in teleop this match, accounting for 53% of our total score. Unfortunately, autonomous didn't shoot at all, likely from issues resetting after the match needed to be replayed due to field issues. We still seemed to face some watchdoging problems, but nothing like in the first run of the match. The shot heights were very inconsistent.
Match 58: Finally! We've turned the friendly-rivalry tables on 1647 and 357, to beat them and 4460 with our partners 3974 and 1791 in a resounding 79-38 victory. We made all 3 of out autonomous shots plus 6 in teleop for a total of 36, a respectable 46% of the alliance total and 52% of our disc score (the alliance had 1 10pt hang).
Match 65: In the most exciting and high-scoring match to-date, we teamed up with eventual champions 2590 and 3123 to beat world champions 25, their 103 twins, and our eventual alliance partners 272 in an epic 126-114 battle. We made all our autonomous shots, plus 9 pyramid 3-pointers in teleop and a full-court 2pt while feeding 2590. We made 37% of the alliance total (41% of the disc score) on our own, plus fed some discs down to 2590. An impressive feat playing along side one of the top teleop contributors in the world--but then again, so are we!
Match 74: In an impressive final qual match, we team up with our friends 2729 and 2607 to beat our friends 357, 1712 and 1495 for an awesome 82-43 showdown. We hit autonomous but our aim was off this match, making only 5 in teleop. (We fix that for eliminations!) Still 40% of the alliance score and 46% of the disc score is pretty solid!

Elimination Matches

Alliance Captain 486 (Positronic Panthers from Wallingford, PA) and first pick 272 (Cyber-Crusaders from Lansdale, PA) chose us to join the 6th Alliance.

We went 2-1, upsetting the #3 alliance of our friends 2729, 2539 and reigning world champs 25. (We're currently the only alliance that wiped out a 2012 Champion in the quarterfinals.)

Q4-1: In the lowest percent difference to date, our #6 alliance pulls out a 101-100 victory over the #3. We go in with an offensive-leaning strategy, scoring 8 more disc points but 10 fewer climb points, and eeking out the win by playing a cleaner match: 0 fouls to the 3rd alliance's one 3-pt violation. How much closer can you get?
Q4-2: Knowing we got lucky, 486 falls back on some more defense, but break down in the process. It's not enough to stop the 3rd alliance scorers who are getting their game back. We knock them around some, but they still trounce us, 105 to 76. That's 75 to 66 in disc points, but of those 66, we scored 48! (18 in teleop, missing 2 discs in 3 telop loads) 72% of the disc score and 63% of the total--not bad for a 2nd pick! But how do we win the next one?
Q4-3: We did it! Knowing we need a big change, 486 agrees to go on full defense and we help 272 get back in shape. It works, we upset the 3rd alliance by 3 more points than they beat us in match 2: 85-53. All 85 of our points are from discs, and of those, we pulled in 51, another awesome 60%. (We missed 1 autonomous shot, 2 teleop shots, and couldn't get our last off before the buzzer). Thanks in large part to 486's defense and some well-placed hits by 272 and ourselves, the 3rd alliance only managed 30 disc points and 20 climb points, though our alliance did get a foul.

We went 1-2, losing a hard-fought battle to the finalists, 1143, 816 and 3974.

S2-1: With our entire alliance unable to climb (or unknown in our case), 272 scrambling to fighting to get ready and all the defenders jamming the field, the 2nd alliance beats us fair and square, 97-82. Of those 82, we managed only 54%, missing 1 in autonomous, 1 in teleop and sinking 1 in the 2pt goal in teleop (after being hit). If we'd sunk that autonomous shot and had a 10 point hang, we'd be in the finals right now. Ouch.
S2-2: Woohoo! Turning around our strategy and helping 272 get back in shooting shape, our #6 Alliance pulled off an awesome 82-90 victory over #2, all in disc points. We scored 60 of those 90! A spectacular feat and our highest contribution of the event.
S2-3: It ends of a rough note, 82-49 with both us and 272's shooters breaking down and none of us able to climb reliably. After an upside-down frisbee disables our shooter (weren't we going to fix that? darnit!), our only hope is to jam the field enough to force the 2nd Alliance into a mistake or keep the differential within 20 and pull off a terrifying first-in-event climb ourselves. We manage neither, and the 2nd Alliance goes onto the finals with 62 disc points to our 39 and 20 climb points to boot. Great job, guys!



Drive Team

  • Douglas M - Driver
  • Jack R - Operator
  • Yahya M - Human Player

Pit Crew

  • Molly K - Pit Captain
  • DJ R - Pit Liaison, Programming
  • Kira K - Mechanical
  • Brad M - Electrical
  • Pat C - Mechanical


  • Mike M (pit)
  • DJ R (pit)
  • Patrick D (pit)
  • Sarah S
  • Kevin
  • Rachel
  • Hannah


  • Lucy
  • Fatima
  • Ian
  • Sarah
  • Kevin
  • Rachel
  • Hannah


  • Clem McKown - Head Mentor, Pit & Elimination Crew, Photography
  • Siri Maley - Drive Coach & Team Strategist, Pit & Elimination Crew Lead
  • Scott Featherman - Pit Crew & Electrical Adviser
  • Julie Christopher - Pit Crew & Programming Adviser
  • Frank San Miguel - Pit Crew (Programming)
  • Rich Kulik - Pit Crew (Mechanical)
  • Faith McKown - Logistics
  • Ben Kellom - Mechanical Mentor
  • John Weissman
  • Mike Rizzo - Referee & Most Senior FIRSTer at the Competition
  • Andrew Weissman - Pit Crew (Mechanical)
  • Joe Morganto
  • Michael Geldart - Field Reset Volunteer
  • Session Linsey


  • Ruthie Morganto
  • David Wall
  • Ellen Kellom
  • Bill Curran
  • Marianna Curran
  • Debbie Drago
  • Sue Rogers
  • The Tippermans


  • Mike Geldart - Mentor, Field Reset
  • Mike Rizzo - Mentor, Referee
  • Sasha Wall - Alumna, Field Reset
  • Nicole Wall - Alumna, Field Reset
  • Rita Wall - Alumni Parent, Judge

Hatboro-Horsham MAR District Event Photo Gallery