DEWBOT IX Saucer shooting & control

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Prime shooter (on deux) - loading chute not present
DEWBOT's shooter is a single-wheel arc shooter pneumatically fed from a 4-frisbee magazine. The base is carbon fiber reinforced (both sides) luan plywood. The wheel is a 6" AndyMark HiGrip (am-0940) directly driven by a mini-CIM motor.

There is no speed control on the motor, which is run at 100% while shooting.

DEWBOT IX's shooter performance is excellent, with rapid (~1/s), consistent shooting. We are able to score reliably from the rear of the pyramid into the 3 point goal, both during autonomous and teleop. Scoring from the feeder station into the 2 point goal is possible, but reliability is not good here.

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4" wheel[1]
Simple Single Wheel
Comprehensive Single Bike Wheel (accurate short)
Double Wheel Linear
Long Distance Suction Spinner
36' Range Turreted Single Wheel
"Flick" Style Launch
2TrainRobotics Engineering Mentor:
From what I remember, [my] frisbee launcher [senior project in college] was consistent to within +- 3 inches at 30 feet distance between 3 and 10 feet off the ground (when shot from around 3 feet). We used an 11 inch wheel connected to a CIM motor that was spinning at 1000 rpm, and we'd put in a new frisbee in each time it was back up at 1000, which was within 2-3 seconds. The keys were putting a groove into the spinning wheel to grab the frisbee, covering the wheel with rubber foam, and then having a rigid outside wall with a straight path at the end, so that the frisbee would go straight when it left the launcher.