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Roller Claw in starting position
DEWBOT XIV's roller claw assembly's requirements are:
  • Able to passively capture Power Cubes (without having to open claw)
  • Power Cube self-aligns inside claw
  • Also able to open claw for capture and release
  • Able to eject Power Cube with rollers
  • Able to capture cubes in any orientation
  • Securely transfer Power Cubes without loss
  • Accurately place Power Cubes on stacks of cubes on Scale

Roller Claw

DB14 1802120-14.jpg
The Roller Claw comprises:

- A Claw Body mounting (2) Roller Drives, (2) Pneumatic Cylinders to articulate Roller Arms, (2) Fiberglass Arms to connect to the Arm Rotation Drive on the Arm Carriage, and Pivoting/Mounting/Drive means for (2) Roller Claw Arms.
- (2) Articulated Roller Claw Arms each terminating in a pair of 4" Compliant Wheels (AndyMark am-3480s) on a 1/2" Hex Shaft
- (2) Roller drives and drive transmissions

Roller Drives