DEWBOT X Duel on the Delaware

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Sab-BOT-age at Duel on the Delaware
Held at Salem Community College in Carney's Point, NJ and hosted by teams 365 (Miracle Workerz) and 316 (LuNaTeCs), Sab-BOT-age has participated every year starting 2007. This has been a good competition to us. We were Finalists in 2008 (with a terrible robot) and winners in 2011, 2012 & 2013.

And our luck kept up this year: Teams 316 (LuNaTeCs), 1640 and 1089 (Mercury) were Duel on the Delaware CHAMPIONS! This is Sab-BOT-age's 4th consecutive Duel victory.

There were a host of new people in new jobs. Our drive team comprised MacKenzie (driver), Eric (operator), Rachael (human player) and Mike Rizzo (coach), except for Q25, where Eric drove and Brad D operated.

Aashay served as pit captain, with Andrew Weissman as pit mentor.

Laura did a phenomenal job of leading scouting through the qualifications, and beyond.

Our qualification performance was underwhelming, with a (2-3-0) record and 17th ranking in a field of 33. We lost our shooter during Q25 due to a failure of the cRIO's pneumatics module, but we were able to repair this problem before eliminations.

The 2-ball autonomous routine worked reliably.

Duel on the Delaware Photo Gallery