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Media management is our pipeline into the community. It is not only the creation of advertising materials for us, but also getting our activities and events into the news.


There is a variety of advertising, posters, presentations etc. While the copy is created and managed by the Media Team, all of the graphics come from the Art and Animation Team.

Print media

The Art and Media teams create a large amount of print information including hallway posters, handouts, brochures, sponsorship requests, etc. All of it needs the team branding.

Web media

We are on the web in a number of locations. First is our website, it is the showcase for Downingtown Robotics. The art work needs to reflect the FRC, VRC and FLL teams.

Banners and Signs

One of the biggest pieces of art work is the pit banner. It displays our team name and is how other teams identify us. It is also the key location for sponsor recognition. We take it to all of our event, even public outreach.


The media team creates press pieces and submissions to the local press, on-line news outlets and special sites (like


Getting the word out about Downingtown Area Robotics is a major task for the Media Team. We have both a broad demographic area and a wide physical area to cover. Creating targeted advertising for our teams is a huge part of the job.