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We built a 6WD chassis as a testbed and a OPFOR robot. Why? Because:

  • pivot's not always the answer and we need to keep our eyes & minds open;
  • You can't be too rich, too thin, or have too many robot testbeds;
  • Our last/only 6WD robot was DEWBOT V (2009) and we've lost all driver-relevant institutional knowledge concerning 6WD drive-trains;
  • Most of our allies and opponents will be using 6WD (or 8WD,...);
  • Our drivers should know how 6WD robots drive; and
  • How to work with or against them in competition.

Second 6WD bot

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The second 6WD WCD bot ready for welding!

Following the creation of Micah, the team decided to design and build a fully functional 6WD West Coast Drive robot that is capable of competing in the off-season of the 2013 game "Ultimate Ascent." As well as providing similar advantages as Micah, this robot is meant to:

  • help train our students with designing a fully-functional robot from 3D model to physical robot;
  • Provide a more accurate robot testbed for future prototyping; and
  • Provide a second robot as a training opponent challenge for drivers;

CAD drawing for frame: [[1]]