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Downingown Area Robotics was one of the key attractions at the S.T.E.M Defined night at Downingtown Middle School on May 19, 2010. We were in the corner hallway with a static display and in the Art Room doing a demo.

There were over 800 people with Parents and Students checking out what STEM is all about!

In the hall we had our banners (with flashing lights), the giant screwdriver and two tables set up with team information. DEWBOT III and Team 80 - Pegasus robots were on display and attracted a lot of attention. There were also two tri-fold displays along with all the awards that the robotics team had won in the last two years. Leslie Maley graciously provided a parent's perspective to those with questions and made sure they made it into the Art Room where the action was.


Scott and Jarred set up the FLL mission table on one side of the room. They had a steady stream of younger roboteers lined up around the table most of the evening. It's very exciting to see those little robots go through their complex mission steps.


The Downingtown VEX-MEN were there in full force! We set up a smaller 8' by 8' field and loaded it up with balls from Clean Sweep. We had 4 standard squarebots, plus the tri-bot (built by one of the 9th graders in the Introduction to STEM class). Our college friends from the Knights of The Olde Robotic was there with two demo robots.

About 150 kids drove the VEX robots and received their Robotics Drivers License. Jack, Taylor, Mike L, Mike M, Nathan and Sadat kept the robots repaired and on the field. The robots were moving the entire 2 1/2 hour time we were there.

We also had a display table outside with our tri-fold that talked about the VEX program with all of the VEX trophies that we've won in the last year (a very impressive set!) Bob and Steve were busy answering parents and future roboteers questions. They got leads on two new mentors for next year and lots of sign up sheets were filled in.


Three robots (DEWBOT III, DEWBOT V & DEWBOT VI) participated in the demonstrations, assisted by 1640 roboteers Paul, Carly, Cole, Matt, Sasha, Douglas, DJ, Nicole, Jen, Michael & Andrew.

While DEWBOT III just watched the door and directed people into the display room, DEWBOTs V & VI were both active in the demonstrations, including a roboto-a-roboto face off at the end of the evening. No robots were actually harmed during the course of the demo.

Domo arigato Messrs. Roboto.

Sponsors for 2010-11

While the event was going on both Clem and Foster made the tour to the other displays that had been set up. They talked to current sponsors to say thank you and to invite them down to see the robots. They also hit everyone else up for sponsorship opportunities. With our new information packet it will be interesting to see what kind of results we get.

They, along with Faith, also were able to talk to both the administration and school board members about continued support for the program. The primary topic was space for 2010-2011 and how we can keep our momentum up.


There were a ton of mentors present from all three teams and lots of people that did extra work to make the event possible.

Big thank you to Ricoh for printing the materials created by Siri, Rita, Sasha and Nicole! Having detailed handouts was a great thing to be able to do. We also have them for our summer program.

FLL - Scott, John W
VEX - Steve, Bob, Foster
FRC - Rita Wall, Faith McKown, Gary Deaver, David Moyer, Mike Rizzo & Clem McKown

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