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  | [[Image:RockwellAutomationAward(Chesapeake2009).jpg|225px|right]]
  | [[Image:RockwellAutomationAward(Chesapeake2009).jpg|225px|right]]
| [[Image:DB5_Murphy_2_panels_090216_csm.jpg|275px|left]]
[[FIRST Robotics Competition]] [[VEX Robot Challenge]] [[FIRST Lego League]].  
We build robots for three different competitions, [[FIRST Robotics Competition]] the [[VEX Robot Challenge]] and the [[FIRST Lego League]].
[[Image:FRC logo.jpg|150px|right|link=http://usfirst.org]]
[[Image:FRC logo.jpg|150px|right|link=http://usfirst.org]]
:FIRST Robots are large, at 28" * 38" * 60" and weigh up to 120 pounds. You are given an inital kit of parts.  You can buy or fabricate most any other part that you need from any source. The robot can be either bolted or welded, no glue or tape is allowed. The robot must be designed, built and tested in six weeks.  There is a limit on the numbers of motors that you can use. The robot is powered by a single 12 volt battery. 
::'''Team 1640 is registered''' for [[DEWBOT VI Finger Lakes Regional‎ | Finger Lakes (RIT, Rochester NY 4-6 Mar-2010)]] and [[DEWBOT VI Philadelphia Regional |Philadelphia (Drexel, Philadelpha PA 25-27 Mar-2010)]] Regional Competitions!
[[DEWBOT VI Finger Lakes Regional‎ | Finger Lakes (RIT, Rochester NY 4-6 Mar-2010)]] [[DEWBOT VI Philadelphia Regional |Philadelphia (Drexel, Philadelpha PA 25-27 Mar-2010)]]
[[Image:VEX logo.jpg|right|link=http://www.vexrobotics.com/]]
[[Image:VEX logo.jpg|right|link=http://www.vexrobotics.com/]]
:[[VEX Robots]] must fit into an 18" cube and do not have a weight limit. Parts may only be purchased from [http://vexlabs.com VEX], but they can be cut and shaped any way provided there are no sharp edges.  Parts may only be bolted together, no assembly with glue or tape is allowed. There is a limit of ten motors and/or servos.  The robot is powered by a single 7.2 volt battery.
[[VEX Robots]][http://vexlabs.com VEX]
::VEX teams are going to [[Penn State Abington VEX Clean Sweep Scrimmage]] on December 5, [http://dockhs.org/466429.ihtml DockBot'10] on January 23, 2010, the Mid-Atlantic Competion on February 27, and will also hold and attend the [[Eastern Pennsylvania Regional]] Championships on March 13, 2010
:[[FIRST Lego League]] are smaller robots that are made out of Lego parts.  Teams build robots to perform autonomous missions.  These missions may require the robot to do one or more steps.
==Meeting Information==
Team Sab-BOT-age, the FRC team and the VRC teams meet year round.  Below is the latest information on their meeting times and places.
'''FRC Team 2010 Season''' -- [[DEWBOT VI]] - Please look at the [[FRC 2010 Calendar]] to see all the work nights in the build season.  Team members should also check the [[Team Announcement]] page for the latest updates.
'''VEX 2009-10 Season''' -- Wednesday 6:30-8:30 [[Downingtown Educational Center]]. Our 2009-2010 season playing [[Clean Sweep | Clean Sweep (info and schedule)]] has started. VEX parents please read [[Clean Sweep Newsletter 17 February]]
Watch this [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZcYJK97Y64 Clean Sweep Video] and think of cool ideas.
[[Penn State Abington VEX Clean Sweep Scrimmage]] [http://dockhs.org/466429.ihtml DockBot'10] [[Eastern Pennsylvania Regional]]
We have started an "All-Girl" VEX Team 80 - Pegasus, come join them
There is also a [[FIRST Lego League 2009 | FIRST Lego League team]]
[[FIRST Lego League]]
Come to one of our team meetings or contact us:  Dewbotrobot at Yahoo dot com
== Other sessions ==
[[DEWBOT VI]][[FRC 2010 Calendar]]  [[Team Announcement]]
The [[Steering Committee]] meets on the last Friday of the month at 6:15PM With build season going on and there being a large number of the Steering Committee at the build sessions, there are no formal meeting until the last Friday in April.  If you have an item for the Steeering Team contact them at the build session.
== People ==
[[Downingtown Educational Center]][[Clean Sweep | Clean Sweep (info and schedule)]][[Clean Sweep Newsletter 17 February]]
'''Thank you very much to all of our [[Sponsor | sponsors]]!'''
'''We would like to express our appreciation to all of our [[Mentors]] that work with the roboteers on a day to day basis.'''
[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZcYJK97Y64 Clean Sweep Video]
Each [[:Category:Students | student]] that worked on a robot is listed with that[[:Category:Robot  | robot]].  Across the years we have graduated some very impressive students, you may be or soon will be working for our [[Alumni]].
And a final thank you to all the [[parents]] that help us out.
[[FIRST Lego League 2009 | FIRST Lego League team]]
Click here for [[Engineering]] references and links.
[[Steering Committee]]
[[Sponsor | sponsors]]
[[:Category:Students | student]][[:Category:Robot  | robot]][[Alumni]]
== Website ==
The Downingtown Area Robotics website is made with valid [http://validator.w3.org/check/referer XHTML] and [http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator CSS] and complies with
[http://www.contentquality.com/mynewtester/cynthia.exe?Url1=http://www.team1640.com Section 508 accessability guidelines.]  This site is powered by [http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki MediaWiki], the same software that powers [http://www.wikipedia.org/ Wikipedia].  If you have questions or comments please contact us at DEWBOTROBOT at yahoo dot com.

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Welcome to Downingtown Area Robotics
Home of FRC Team 1640
from Downingtown, Pa.
Downingtown Area Robotics in Downingtown Pennsylvania, is a group of Students, Mentors and Sponsors, focused in getting students interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based careers. We facilitate this through numerous activities garnering these skills and knowledge. The most important would be the Robotics Competitions. From the beginning, we teach each roboteer valuable skills including: critical thinking, communications, organization, teamwork, creativity, and collaboration. We also bring in STEM knowledge in areas of electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, programming, designing, building and rebuilding, prototyping, and mathematics.
DB5 Murphy 2 panels 090216 csm.jpg

FIRST Robotics Competition VEX Robot Challenge FIRST Lego League.

FRC logo.jpg

Finger Lakes (RIT, Rochester NY 4-6 Mar-2010) Philadelphia (Drexel, Philadelpha PA 25-27 Mar-2010)

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Penn State Abington VEX Clean Sweep Scrimmage DockBot'10 Eastern Pennsylvania Regional

FIRST Lego League

DEWBOT VIFRC 2010 Calendar Team Announcement

Downingtown Educational Center Clean Sweep (info and schedule)Clean Sweep Newsletter 17 February

Clean Sweep Video

FIRST Lego League team

Steering Committee sponsors [[Mentors] student robotAlumni