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Welcome to the 1640 Drive Team homepage! This year we are moving into a warehouse and will have our own practice field so rules for the drive team are going to drastically change. First off, DEWBot VI will be starting off restricted to all members expect Sasha, Andrew, and Carly until after the competitions end (only for driving the base, human player and kicker operator can still be new students). Then it will become a practice bot to teach new drivers how to drive twitch. Because of the complications of our twitch drive train, new drive team members will be on arm operator and human player during competitions this year and next year, those who practiced will become base operators.


Mentor: Siri Maley

Student Lead: Carly McKown

Jen Stanton Paul Klufas Carly McKown Andrew Weissman
Kenneth Au Sasha Wall Vamshi Voruganti Siri Maley
Clem McKown Matt Klufas Mike Brova

All members switch off or are assigned as either a driver, kicker operator, human player or coach


Driver Kicker Operator Human Player Coaches
Carly McKown Paul Klufas Andrew Weissman Clem McKown
Sasha Wall Jen Stanton Vamshi Voruganti Siri Maley
Paul Klufas Sasha Wall Matt Klufas
Mike Brova

Referee: Rizzo


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  • No hanging device - not enough points, high risk
  • Shooter - captapult action, very accurate at mid-field and near field.
  • Pivot drive - high maneuverability, fast
  • Short - can go through tunnels but also over bumps
  • No correction device - solution is don't flip robot over
  • Team lacks recognition- solution=make drive team wear Sab-BOT-age vests and hats :) - Work with media team on improvements