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'Sup? I'm a member of FIRST team 1640, the Downingtown Area Robotics FRC team. I visited the shop during build season of DEWBOT VI, and they haven't been able to get rid of me since. I'm pretty social at times. I play with everyone on the team and even some people from other teams.

I turned 18 when the team went to the Finger Lakes Regional at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Hehe, we even had a nice little party with cake at the hotel. Coincidentally, RIT is where I'm going to college. I'm majoring in Game Design and Development. I'm basically following in the footsteps of several counselors at the video game camp I used to go to. I first heard about FIRST robotics from volunteering at a video game convention owned by the same people who own that camp, and I first heard about team 1640 at a New Year's party.

I fail at cutting chains (see photo).

I have also been known to burn dremels.

At competitions, I can be found cheering, dancing, carrying our giant screwdriver, scouting (against my will), guarding seats in the stands, hanging out with other teams, and videotaping things.


Mechanical Team: rookie level
Spirit: cheerleader
Web team: content, videography
Drive team: operator/manipulator (Retired)
Comic relief


Anime conventions
Animation (2D and 3D)
Dance Dance Revolution
Digimon: Digital Monsters
Jeff Dunham
Kingdom Hearts
Playing video games
Speaking French
Spring and summer
Theater arts / acting
Web page design
Videography / TV Production
Video game design


Breakaway With DEWBOT VI

Two hours' worth of build season, two regionals, and three off-season events in 2010. This was a project I did at the end of my senior year of high school. DVDs were released in June, and the individual chapters were made available online shortly after.

Chapters on DVD
Build Season Begins
Facing the Cold
Finger Lakes Part 1 and Part 2
Between Regionals
Philadelphia Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
PARC, Monty, and BR^2
A New Challenge

Build Season - January 30th, 2010
"Firebirds Fiesta" Team Social
Three-zone Kick

Teams and Sub-Teams

I'm not actually signed up for any of these since I joined after build season started, but here's what I consider myself to be in, in order of my amount of participation in each team:

DEWBOT VI Mechanical Team
DEWBOT VI Drive Train Team
DEWBOT VI Competition Team


Here are the robotics events that I've been to:

DEWBOT VI Finger Lakes Regional
DEWBOT VI Philadelphia Regional
DEWBOT VI Monty Madness
DEWBOT VI Bridgewater Battle
DEWBOT VI Indiana Robotics Invitational

Photo Gallery

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