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Welcome to the build season prep page! Check out some of these cool resources to ready for the season. These resources are made and owned by the people/organizations noted and are just here for your convenience.

For Rookies


Curious about what the previous games were? Check out an animation and then watch a finals match to see how they really play out.

2012 - Rebound Rumble 2011 - Logomotion 2010 - Breakaway


Robot Designs

2012 Behind the Design Short videos, photos & text assembled by 1718
Killer Bees in 2012 Photos & text by FRC33
Wildstang in 2012 Short videos by FRC111
25's Drivetrain in 2007 25min Video & slides by FRC25
190's Design Innovating Slides by FRC190
GRR in 2004 Photos & text by FRC340
Other Teams' CAD CAD Files by many teams
We also have the 2006 and 2007 Behind the Design books

Design Process

Karthik on Analysis & Design* 30min Video by VEX Director / Head Mentor FRC1114
MOE on Brainstorming Slides by MOE FRC365
Andy B & JVN on Everything Slides and text by AndyMark Founder and VEX Director
45 on Design Slides by FRC45
Greg N on Manipulator Design Slides by former VEX Engineer
Ken P & Paul C on Drives Slides & 50min audio by GM Engineer and VEX Director

*We are re-hosting clips of Karthik's full 2 hour presentation privately to help 1640 students interested in specific topics. All public use should be through Simbotics YouTube channel.


Motor & Gearbox Design Math, photos & text by Ian Walters
Ken S on Pneumatics 20min Video by WPI Robotics Director
JVN's Design Calculator Excel Calculators by VEX Director

1 & 2-Speed Drivetrain, Rotary Mechanism, Linear Mechanism, Intake Mechanism

Jesse K's Systems Calculator Excel Calculators by FRC1885's Systems Engineer

Motors, Drivetrain, Rotary Arm, Leadscrew Lift, etc

JVN + Jesse K Drivetrain Calculator Excel Calculators (and extension) by VEX Director and FRC1885's SysE

Includes Combiner Design

Ether on Ballistic Trajectories Text & math by retired SysE
Ether's Simple Motor Calculator Executable Calculators by retired SysE
Andrew K on Motor Performance Slides and calculators by FRC294
JVN + 2898's Gearbox Calculator Executable Calculator by FRC2898


Al S on Electrical Basics 50min Video by Lead FRC Inspector
WPI on Sensor Basics Slides by WPI Robotics
Al S on Advanced Electronics Slides & 50min audio by Lead FRC Inspector
Official LabVIEW FRC 2012 Video, slides and more by National Instruments
Official Kinect for FRC Video & slides by Microsoft
Ken S on Motor Selection Slides by WPI Robotics Director

Scouting & Drivers

Karthik on Strategy & Alliances* 25min Video by VEX Director / Head Mentor FRC1114
Karthik on Driving & Match Play* 10min Video by VEX Director / Head Mentor FRC1114
230 on Scouting Text by FRC230
3476 on Scouting Text by FRC3476
ECDU on Scouting Slides by FRC25,FRC303 and FRC56

*We are re-hosting clips of Karthik's full 2 hour presentation privately to help 1640 students interested in specific topics. All public use should be through Simbotics YouTube channel.


Winning Submissions

Submissions from some Hall of Famers and finalists. "Movies" (6min) are FIRST-produced; "videos" (3min) are team-produced. "Submissions" are all required text; "essays" are exclusive.

2008 World Champion Submission, photos & movie archive by Falcon 842
2007 World Champion Submission, photos movie & more for FRC365
2005 World Champion Movie for HOT 67
2003 World Champion Photo submission & movie for Cybersonics 103
2012 Peachtree Winner Submission by Kell 1311
2012 Smoky Mt Winner Essay by Cyber Blue 234
2012 Dallas West Winner Submission, photos, slides & video by Spectrum 3847


Why Submit? Short text by Mike McIntyre
Creation Process Short text by Mercury 1089
Great Presentations Slides and recipe by Walt Hickok of HOT 67
Shortening the Essay Text by Mercury 1089

Older Games

2009 - Lunacy 2008 - Overdrive 2007 - Rack 'n Roll 2006 - Aim High
2005 - Triple Play 2004 - FIRST Frenzy 2003 - Stack Attack