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This page is the News Archive. The main news page has items for up to a year, after that they are moved to this page.

Upper Uwchlan Block Party - July 18, 2009

Our third and last community event of the summer. DEW Robotics demonstrated DEWBOT V and Vex robots at the Upper Uwchlan Block Party. DEWBOT is reconverted to a shooter. Thanks to Steve Rhoads & Jack for the excellent Vex action (with Matt & Praveen in the pit keeping the robots running). Thanks to all who helped with a special thanks to those who worked the garage clean out in the morning and the Block Party in the evening.

Garage Clean Out - July 18, 2009

18 months after our emergency move out of Downingtown East High School (with the start of the Teacher's Strike), we finally moved the last of our equipment out out the Maley garage. Three trailer loads. Thanks, Leslie, for all of your patience.

Pool Party - July 12, 2009

We ate. We drank. We swam. We shot paint balls (but not at each other). Awards were presented for conspicuous excellence among graduating seniors. The Pool Party was a great draw.

Uwchlan Day - July 11, 2009

Uwchlan Day was our second summer community event. DEWBOT V and Vex robots worked the crowd all day. Steve Rhoads & Jack make a solid vex team. Paul reprogrammed DEWBOT on the fly. Alex turns out to be a solid shooter.

Good Neighbor Day - July 4, 2009

DEW Robotics demonstrated DEWBOT V and Vex robots at the July 4th, 2009 Good Neighbor Day in Downingtown, PA.

Bartholomew - June 24, 2009

Bartholomew the stair climbing robot came to Downingtown on 24 June. His builder and driver Petra Hartman, came from Lower Marion High School to talk and present the robot. Click on the link for more details of her Senior project.

Seniors Graduate in June 2009

Congratulations to our graduating Seniors - Siri, Beth, Alex, Anna, James, Ashley, Hans, and Heather!!!

Beth received the DEWBOT Builder award
Heather received the DEWBOT Machinist award
Hans won the VEX Builder award
Siri received the All Around Roboteer Award

The award ceremony was part of the pool party in July

Bridgewater-Raritan Battle Royale (BR)2 - June 6, 2009

DEWBOT V and team competed in (BR)2 placing 3rd out of 18 teams.

Monty Madness - May 16, 2009

DEWBOT V and team competed at Monty Madness placing 21st out of 42 teams.

DASD School Board recognition of Robotics team - May 13, 2009

DASD School Board recognises Team 1640

Members of the team received Certificates of Achievement in recognition of their success as members of 2009 FRC FIRST Robotics Team 1640 "Team Sab-BOT-age" Season with DEWBOT V. The certificate noted that "The entire district applauds you achievements and success in this years competitions."

Team Sab-BOT-age wins at PARC XII - May 9, 2009

PARC XII Winning Alliance - L>R Teams 1640, 222 & 2753

We WON! Team Sab-BOT-age won at PARC XII. We were chosen by the first place alliance and with them won the next six matches to take the win.

This was our fifth year at PARC and our best showing ever

DEWBOT V's Rockwell Automation Innovation in Control Award (Chesapeake Regional) 21-March-2009

Eastern Pennsylvania Regional Event - February 28, 2009

The finals of the 2009 Eastern Pennsylvania Regional Tournament for Roboteers took place on Saturday at Downingtown Educational Center.

Team 81 wins Chairmans Award at Christoper Dock Scrimmage - January 24, 2009

Downingtown’s Team 81 received the Chairman’s Award for Best Young Robotics Team, with their robot with an extendable claw on top, he said. Team 1640 was a finalist at the competition. Article and pictures from the Daily Local News on February 4, 2009