DEWBOT IX Programming

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Programming Team

Mentors: Julie Christopher, Frank San Miguel
Lead Programmer: Michael M
Assistant Lead Programmer: DJ R
Qualified Programmers:

Kevin S
Patrick D
Sarah S

Trainee Programmers:

Hannah T
Marina SM
Rachael T
Rohan S

Programming Projects

Required Systems Comprehensive Testing Mode
DB9 130107 Programming Systems.jpg

Main systems

DB9 130107 Programming Test Mode.jpg


No code deploy needed
Joystick control of motors
Sensor readouts

Programming Team Information

Dewbot IX Control System

Some information about Network Tables

2013 FRC Control System resources, including required software updates

Programming Certification Pre-Test for 2013 Season

Programming Language

FRC LabVIEW software has been used for the past three seasons (2010 - 2012).

C++ and Java are also supported by FRC and could be used if the programming team decides to do so.

Code Repository

For the past two seasons (2011 and 2012), the programming team has used Mercurial source control management and Bitbucket for the code repository. Having code in a repository allows the team to share their code even when they do not see each other in person. It also allows the student lead to manage and incorporate code from the rest of the team into the main robot code project.

GitHub is under consideration for the code repository for the 2013 season.

Programmer Training Resources

Programmers Team Page History