DEWBOT XV RCC Qianjiang International Robotics Open

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This page is part of a series covering Team 1640's 2019 trip to China as an invited team for the RCC Qianjiang International Robotics Open. Other pages related to our China trip are:

The RCC Qianjiang International Robotics Open is an off-season FRC competition held at the Hangzhou International Exposition Center 1-4 August-2019. The event is by Invitation for the 10 International teams participating and Open for the 62 Chinese teams. There are two playoffs: the first including all teams and the second for Chinese teams only.

This year, FRC 1640 was honored to be one of the ten international teams invited.

Sab-BOT-age finished qualification matches ranked 11th in a field of 72 teams with a 6-3-0 record. In our final qual match (# 106), teamed with 4613 and 6790, we went on defense to defeat Citrus Circuits despite their triple Hab 3 climb. FRC 4613 Barker Redbacks later invited 1640 to join them on the 3rd alliance (completed by 6790 Barbarian from Qingdao 青岛 - thereby recreating the qual match 106 alliance - and 6986 PPT from Nanjing 南京). The 3rd alliance was eliminated in semifinals by the 2nd alliance, captained by FRC 359 The Hawaiian Kids and joined by 694 StuyPulse from New York, 5951 Makers Assemble from Tel Aviv, and 5308 Wuhan Yangtze from Wuhan 武汉. The 2nd alliance went on to win the event.

Cameron and Ella filled their normal roles as DEWBOT Driver and Operator, respectively. Ben stepped up as Human Player, while Vineeth served as Drive Team Coach (a tough job). Daniel was Pit Captain. It was great to see students stepping out of their comfort zones.

Field Assembly - 31-July-2019

Load-in - 31-July-2019

Day 1 - 1-August-2019 - Inspection & Practice

Day 2 - 2-August-2019 - Qualification Matches

Day 3 - 3-August-2019 - Qualification Matches & Alliance Selection

Day 4 - 4-August-2019 - Play-offs